All along we have been searching for festive meals in homy setting filled with laughter and joy.

We are from Adana. This is an agricultural then turned into industrial city in south of Turkey.

During all these years the only things that didn’t change is the food and the generosity of its people.

In this city life evolves around long, happy, crowed and delicious meals.
‘’Startover’’ is very typical notion in family dinner tables.

After long, tasty meals people talk themselves into clearing the table and yes, they ‘’startover’’ from scratch for yet another meal. In 1998, we cousins promised to offer exactly this atmosphere in our first Tike (means littlepiece).

Today, with first days enthusiasm, we offer traditional fire grilled kebabs, authentic appetizers and family recipes in our network of restaurants in 3 countries, 4 cities, 8 restaurants.

Afiyet olsun, please come back again...